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Who We Are

EyeC was founded in Hamburg in 2002 and is the only provider on the market worldwide that ensures product quality throughout the entire printing process - from the first artwork file to the finished product. Since its launch, EyeC has developed into one of the world's leading experts for print inspection systems.

As a global company, we embrace diversity. We foster a culture that values openness, innovation, and collaboration. We encourage a creative approach and solutions that think outside the box. Sustainability is our foundation to protect the environment and enrich our society.

As a dynamic team, we strive to create an open and inclusive environment where we can learn from challenges and continuously evolve. In our team-based organization, supporting each other comes naturally. Efficiency drives us and improves the experience for employees and customers.

By working together, we shape positive change in our industry and across the world.

EyeC Team
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Since our start, we have developed into one of the global experts for the quality control of print products. Get to know us and get a few insights into working at EyeC::

  • There is a logic behind our company name: "EyeC? Oh, I see!"
  • Pharmaceutical companies, printers, and brand owners can easily ensure the quality of printed products with our products.
  • Our service team stays overnight to install our systems at on customers' premises around the globe, even in a yurt in Kazakhstan.
  • Over 3 million lines of code have been written for our inspection software by our developers.
  • Not only does our ProofRunner run ultra-fast but so does our running team, which regularly takes part in races and marathons.
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The Essence of EyeC: Our System of Values

Create Space to Unfold Your Own Ideas

We believe that creativity arises from individual development, which goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction. In our experience, fulfillment is much more likely to occur through self-drive, self-realization, and positive reinforcement than through regulation. Despite this conviction, we do not disregard hierarchy, work instructions, processes, or compliance. Instead, it means that the active participation of our employees has been, is, and should remain decisive for the progress of our company.

Learning From Mistakes – Opportunity Culture

Innovation - whether technological or process-related - constantly gives our company new impetus and has made us what we are today. Constant innovation also increases the risk of errors compared to routine work. While we want to live these innovations in controlled quantities, we must also understand that they are the same innovations that have allowed us to extend our lead and continue to do so.

Plan Realistically, Tackle, Get Started – Achieve Your Goals

We have strategic product visions towards which we are purposely moving. For operational work, however, we believe it is better to create clearly defined, tangible goals as a benchmark so that we can leap over them. Once we have done this, we can move on to the next level, provided this is clearly defined and achievable.

Preparation is Everything

Conscientious preparation of every action is mandatory and saves resources.

Supporting People on the Frontline

Supporting our colleagues, distributors or OEM partners on site at the customer is our top priority. For us, this means that our employees in direct customer contact - whenever necessary - should and must be able to immediately request the best possible support from all other employees in order to deliver the agreed service to the customer.

Focusing on Customer Benefits

We are in constant contact with our customers, connected with industry-specific associations and organized worldwide. Our aim is to identify the needs of our customer groups at the earliest possible stage and prioritize development projects accordingly.

Sustainability – Long-Term Customer, Supplier and Employee Relationships

We strive for long-term relationships with all stakeholders (distributors, customers, suppliers and employees) and maintain existing connections with the conviction that a constant exchange leads to better solutions for everyone involved.

Completion According to Plan

We are aware that there can and always will be competing projects. Therefore, we regularly prioritize according to the needs of our customer groups. From the moment we kick off new projects, their completion is a high priority.


We avoid external influence from investors on our business operations and focus on entrepreneurial self-determination. As an owner-managed company, we need relevant strength in the market in order to survive. Therefore, we are committed to sustainable growth.

Respectful Interaction

We know that the satisfaction of our colleagues is a fundamental prerequisite for entrepreneurial success and progress. In line with this basic assumption, we believe that participation and appreciation of opinions and ideas across all hierarchical levels are essential conditions for productive exchange.

Living Continuous Improvement

Perhaps tomorrow, we can improve on what we have today. Our strategy, management concept, products and processes all follow this constant principle.

We Are a Global Company

We think and act globally. This means that every EyeC customer worldwide sees us as a local partner.

Efficiency Before Role Thinking

To avoid a "we-you culture", we optimize globally and across company and departmental boundaries. The decisive factor for the division of work steps is to increase efficiency and not the role/function in which one is currently acting.

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Our Perks & Benefits

Regular Feedback

Flat Hierarchy in an Inclusive Environment

Trainings & Career Development

Permanent Work Contract

Modern Office Concepts

Team Spirit & Working as Equals

"D-Ticket" Subsidy

Flexible Work Arrangements

Team & Sport Events

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Our Employees Say It Best

"The best ideas always arise from good teamwork! We develop our software together through our Sprint, Daily Stand-up, and Review Meetings to create solution-based options for our customers."

Print Inspection consulting

"From job inquiries to interviews, hiring, and annual reviews, we are committed to supporting our applicants and colleagues. That's how we grow together as a company and as a team."

print inspection service

"We provide our customers with technical assistance via email, phone or remote service. This allows us to solve many of their requests directly and adjust our systems easily."

"Involving all developers is a top priority at EyeC."

Print Inspection Service

"Taking care of our worldwide customers is always exciting: Each operation is unique. Installations, system adjustments, and customer training are varied and rewarding activities."

Print Inspection Sales

"With our comprehensive product portfolio, we provide print shops and their customers with the best possible inspection solutions. The dynamic and international market helps us grow as a team as well as individuals."


100% of our employees on Kununu would
recommend us as a great place to work.

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Don’t See a Job Listing for You?

Feel free to send us your unsolicited application.

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Our Application Process


Potential Analysis

Every application is reviewed based on several factors. We will get back to you with feedback as soon as possible.


1st Interview

Let's get to know each other. This is your first opportunity to present your skills and experience and find out more about EyeC.


2nd Interview

Let's go into more depth. In addition to your professional aptitude, we check if you are a good fit for the team. Of course, any questions will also be clarified here.


Our Offer

It's a match! The best candidate for the position will receive an offer.

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