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Nico Hagemann is the new Director of Product Management at EyeC GmbH

Hamburg, Germany, February 12, 2024. EyeC GmbH, the global provider of automated artwork inspection and print image inspection systems, announces the appointment of Nico Hagemann as the new Head of Product Management. This position entails further developing the entire EyeC product portfolio with the product groups EyeC Proofiler and EyeC ProofRunner. In his new function, Hagemann reports directly to the management.

Nico Hagemann has many years of experience in the field of printing technology. As a graduate engineer in the field of printing and media technology, he built up his expertise as a development engineer at Rako Etiketten GmbH & Co. KG. In his previous role, he worked as a Product Platform Manager - 3D Image Acquisition at Basler AG before returning to EyeC. When it comes to the challenges ahead, Hagemann can draw on many years of know-how, as he was already an employee at EyeC from 2010 to 2022. Working in the areas of service technology and product management at that time, he was able to build up a deep understanding of the EyeC brand and its market. In addition to the strategic development and implementation of the entire EyeC product portfolio, his new role will also focus on identifying market requirements and preparing and implementing market launch concepts. One focus is, among other things, on the further technical development of the scanner-based inspection system EyeC Proofiler.

Dr. Ansgar Kaupp, CEO & Managing Partner at EyeC, comments on the new appointment: "Nico has an impressive professional track record and his return to EyeC as Head of Product Management is a significant addition to the company. With his expertise and commitment, he and his team will successfully advance our current product management focus."


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