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Eurostampa Opts for EyeC Technologies and Perfects Its Validation Processes in Mexico

Eurostampa Büro von außen

Throughout the world, Eurostampa operates six facilities to serve the wine and spirits markets. The Italian company settled in Jalisco as early as 2017. In the west of Mexico, close to the Pacific Ocean, this state quickly developed into a strategic location for the industry giant. By taking the market niche of "tequila producers" the company managed not only to expand its customer portfolio. But also acquire well-known companies that are popular throughout the country.

"Our business partners include important and internationally renowned brands such as Casa Herradura, Tequila Sauza, Casa Cuervo, the Bacardi Group in Mexico and Latin America, Tequila Cazadores and Tequila Patrón," emphasizes Víctor Navarro, Quality Manager at Eurostampa México Labels.

Due to the complex nature of the labels produced by Eurostampa, which require tactile inks, high-relief embossing, and the tiniest details that are invisible to the human eye, the company decided to use the EyeC Proofiler to control print images. The Quality Manager tells how the company met this challenge: "The EyeC Proofiler supports us in detecting printing errors that we cannot detect ourselves." Navarro continues, "This has allowed us to reduce printing errors that previously went undetected during an inspection by around 80%."

The user interface is intuitive to use. With their previous experience with printing presses and computer skills, the operators could effortlessly use the new system.

As a result of the high costs associated with poor quality, Eurostampa deems the EyeC Proofiler an essential part of its quality control process. The system has reduced machine downtime, increased productivity, and improved efficiency.

In almost two years since the installation of the printing image control system, Victor Navarro confirms that no complaints have been received from customers. "Quality control procedures were already quite good in themselves, but EyeC Proofiler has revolutionized our print control," Navarro concludes.


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*This case study was produced in collaboration with Bazar Gráfico.

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