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Inspection systems for high quality, error-free labels

Self-adhesive labels are used in a host of different industries and applications. Some are very simple and low cost, others may be very intricate and have a higher intrinsic value. Whatever your requirements, EyeC has the solution to ensure the design, production, and delivery of high quality, error-free labels.

Our systems are suitable for inspecting labels from any industry including pharmaceutical, medical devices, food, beverages, beauty, toiletries, and other branded goods. They help pharmaceutical companies, brand owners, label manufacturers and design agencies avoid mix-ups or recalls, save time and waste, as well as reduce the cost of quality.

From the first artwork to the final labels, EyeC inspection systems provide total control over your label quality. During the artwork design and revisions with the EyeC Proofiler Content, at pre-press with the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, at press make-ready or incoming material verification with the EyeC Proofiler, and during the production run on a press or a rewinder with the EyeC ProofRunner Web.

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