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EyeC-America Continues Its Expansion Journey with New Office Space

Chicago, IL, USA, May 16, 2023. Chicago-based EyeC America is pleased to announce that it has relocated its office from 210 South 5th Street – Suite 204/205 to 309 Walnut Street, Suite B. With 1512 square feet the new offices are bigger than their previous work base and located on the ground floor. This move further underscores EyeC-America's commitment to innovation and growth.

After a comprehensive planning phase, EyeC-America moved into its new headquarters for the USA and Central America region at the beginning of April 2023. Previously spread over two units in Saint Charles, the company has consolidated its office space into one. Unlike the narrow staircases and lack of elevators of Saint Charles buildings, the new space has comfortable ground-floor offices. With the addition of an air-conditioned warehouse with a loading dock, the new systems repair program has ample space, and spare parts stock can be consolidated while keeping it organized. The EyeC Proofiler 400DT, 600DT, and EyeC Proofiler 1200DT are currently held under construction there.

The new facility now offers the team an ideal work environment, including more workstations, a larger conference room, and nearby access to dining options and picturesque pedestrian areas for lunch breaks. Furthermore, the bigger office space allows them to hire more sales and service personnel. These factors also enhance the company's ability to serve its clients at the highest levels.

"Our new facility provides the much-needed space and comfort to enable us to work as a team, which is essential to our success," said Dr. Jürgen Klicker, President of EyeC America. "We are thrilled to have expanded into a new office with a more modern look and more amenities for our staff. It represents our continued commitment to excellence, and we look forward to the opportunities it provides for future expansion.”

The new location is already fully operational. Customers and partners are welcome to visit the new facilities.

Effective immediately: The office of EyeC-America will now be at 309 Walnut Street, Suite B, Chicago, IL, USA. To reach the office via phone, please call +1 330 644 6841.


Download the full Press Release as PDF version in English, Spanish or French.


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