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Inspection systems for the packaging and print industries


EyeC inspection systems are designed for quality-conscious companies involved in the production of packaging and print material. They check and ensure the accuracy and quality of packaging materials throughout the whole print cycle, answering the needs of the different people involved in the process.

Whether you are a brand owner, an advertising agency, a pre-press company, or a print shop, EyeC inspection systems help you save time, reduce scrap, improve quality, and enhance your reputation.

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Printing companies

EyeC inspection systems make sure you catch print defects - at the print shop - before they generate losses. They provide a fast and accurate solution to verify printed packaging quality at each of the production stages: at pre-press, at press make ready, during the print run and finishing.

Whether you produce folding cartons, labels, patient information leaflets, flexible packaging, or cylindrical packaging, EyeC systems help your print shop reduce waste material, save time and improve the quality of your production. Hence, they offer an intuitive approach that enhances user satisfaction and integrates into processes seamlessly.


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Pharma Industry

A proven solution in the pharmaceutical industry, EyeC offers user-friendly and innovative artwork and print inspection systems. Our solutions help you perform efficient and dependable quality checks at each of the production stages and avoid product recalls.

EyeC software meets all requirements for configurable systems in accordance with GAMP5 category 4 and includes all necessary functions for verification according to the guidelines outlined in U.S. Title 21 CFR Part 11. In addition, EyeC is voluntarily and out of conviction DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. The entire operation, production and software development meet the current quality standards.

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Design & Prepress Agencies

EyeC inspection systems make sure artwork files and printed packaging remain free of errors. Artwork inspection systems provide a fast and accurate solution to proof changes during artwork design and revision. Off-line inspection systems verify printed packaging quality at the incoming material laboratory.

By reducing human intervention, these systems minimize errors, while simplifying and speeding up approval processes. They increase quality, help save time and money, and allow you to focus on what you do best: be creative.

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Brand Owner

From design to print, to the actual packaging - EyeC inspection systems ensure efficient and reliable quality control at every stage of production

Whether artwork, package inserts, brochures, flyers, or packaging such as folding cartons, labels, flexible or packaging: with their intuitive approach, the user-friendly EyeC systems guarantee the early detection of errorsand thus ensure the quality of the products before delivery. Integrated into your process, the systems help save time, reduce waste and avoid recalls, and shorten time-to-market.



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EyeC is the market’s only supplier to ensure print quality throughout the complete production process – from the first artwork file to the finished product. We provide user-friendly, fast, precise artwork and print inspection systems worldwide, and help our customers implement outstanding quality control processes. We will advise and analyze your quality requirements and system implementations. We also offer full-service and maintenance programs to keep your systems running well. 



With the EyeC Validation Support Package, we provide concrete assistance for the validation of the inspection process in accordance with the current GMP requirements. The EyeC software meets all requirements for configurable systems following GAMP5 category 4, including all necessary functions for verification according to the guidelines outlined in U.S. Title 21 CFR Part 11. EyeC is voluntarily and out of conviction DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified. The entire operation, production, and software development meet the current quality standards and are therefore subject to them.   


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