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The rapid development of new retail formats, the reaction to seasonal promotional periods and the requirement for a packaging design that is eye-catching, sophisticated and as sustainable as possible requires enormous flexibility from brand owners while maintaining the highest quality.

Shorter production runs are often the result. In order to check the quality of the packaging before the products are sold and possible losses occur, a reliable solution is required that ensures the early detection of errors within the printing and packaging value chain, minimizes machine downtime and produces unique packaging profitably.

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What we can offer

From artwork to printing to the actual packaging – the EyeC inspection systems ensure efficient and reliable quality controls at every stage of production.
Whether artwork, package inserts, brochures, flyers or packaging such as folding boxes, labels, flexible and other packaging: with their intuitive approach, the user-friendly EyeC systems guarantee the early detection of errors and thus ensure the quality of the products before delivery. As an integrated process, the systems help save time, reduce waste and avoid recalls, and shorten time-to-market.

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Reliable packaging without errors

From design to print, to the actual packaging – EyeC's full range of inspection systems enables companies to achieve 100% quality control of a wide variety of packaging materials from the very beginning. Our systems guarantee that the approved artwork matches the printed product, providing a comprehensive solution to the inspection needs of quality-conscious companies. 

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Efficient inspections that reduce time-to-market

The highly automated EyeC systems simplify and accelerate your inspection. Defects are found earlier, time-consuming manual corrections are reduced and thus the security, as well as the efficiency of your quality control, is increased. Integrated into your process, the systems help you reduce unnecessary rejects, avoid recalls, and shorten time-to-market for your products.

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Highest usability to ensure easy handling with minimal training

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, a complete inspection can be carried out in just a few steps without a long training period for the employees. The high degree of automation and the simple operating concept, ensure 100% safety and complete quality control with maximum productivity. 

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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