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Design & Prepress Agencies

Faster product life and development cycles, frequently changing artwork due to the increasing variety of packaging finishing and printing options, and the use of a wide variety of materials make the design of packaging materials more and more complex. Consequently, the risk of error is significantly increased. However, any error or change means costly reworks or reprints and leads to printing delays.

To meet quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction, design and prepress agencies often have to engage in tedious manual verification from the initial draft to the finished product. Additional competitive pressure and faster throughput times make it essential to look for solutions that make the work process more efficient and at the same time enable early detection of errors, save material and minimize machine downtimes.

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What We Can Offer You

The EyeC inspection systems guarantee that the artwork and the printed packaging are completely free of defects. Our intuitive systems provide quick and easy solutions to review design changes and proofreads in an integrated workflow. The error rate is reduced, preventing expensive reprints and recalls before losses occur. The deliveries are therefore made exactly according to the quality standards of the customer and guarantee his satisfaction.


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The most efficient way to examine the growing number of artworks

EyeC inspection systems guarantee 100% quality control right from the start. Seamlessly integrated into your process, the systems help reduce costly corrections, reduce waste, avoid recalls, and shorten time to market. 

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Automated inspections to meet growing market pressure

EyeC’s highly automated artwork proofreading systems prevent unnecessary errors as early as possible within the print and packaging value chain. These applications compare various text sources with others such as the PDF of the initial artwork file or proof. No matter how complex the briefing documents or proofs are, intelligent algorithms find deviations between documents, among others text content and font style deviations, regardless of position, structure, and style – in just one single process. 

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Best in class usability to ensure easy handling with minimal training

The intuitive usability of the system, the intelligent algorithms, and the innovative user interface of EyeC ProofText enable any user to efficiently check and evaluate complex documents regardless of location. 

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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