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Print inspection for food & beverage packaging

Your Challenges

Increasingly stringent controls on the information that is printed on food and drink packaging put responsibilities on food suppliers that are similar to the pharmaceutical industry. Food companies however are likely to deal with far more products and more frequent changes to the printed information on the packaging. Also the typical supply chain is longer and needs to move faster, making the potential for error higher than in other industries.

Wrong or missing nutrition information, statutory warning (allergens, genetic modification etc.), storing or cooking information can lead to product withdrawals and even recalls, both being very expensive in costs and reputation. Faced with a price-led competition, food suppliers need to minimize risks and reduce costs.

What We Can Offer You?

EyeC inspection systems make sure packaging materials keep up with quality requirements, while eliminating complexity and streamlining your processes. They provide a fast and accurate solution to verify printed packaging quality at each of the production stages: at the artwork design and approval, at the print shop, and at the incoming material laboratory. They protect your brand image, increase quality, reduce inspection time and accelerate time to market. Hence, they offer an intuitive approach that enhance user´s satisfaction and integrates in processes seamlessly.

EyeC software is produced in conformance to applicable ISO 9001, GMP, and GAMP 5 guidelines, and contains all functions necessary for validation according to the guidelines laid out in U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

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