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Pharmaceutical Industry

Printed packaging plays a major role in medicine by proving vital information to the consumer.  The broad spectrum of active ingredients and dosage units poses a wide range of challenges. Strict regulations and legal principles as well as correct testing methods are essential to ensure that the health and lives of consumers are not endangered by incorrect or faulty packaging.

With two decades of experience, we are your innovative, reliable, and comprehensive partner for inspection systems, especially for the pharmaceutical industry.

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What We Can Offer You

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Our solutions in your environment

Different legal and international regulations for labeling medicines constantly place new demands on packaging inspection. With specific application options and workflows, EyeC's computer-aided inspection systems offer 100% reliable packaging inspections in the pharmaceutical environment. In addition to text and graphic inspection, EyeC offers various options such as embossed Braille, 1D and 2D codes or colors. All inspection samples are recognized automatically, and the mentioned components are precisely checked against a digital reference in a single inspection cycle in record time.  At the end of an inspection, a full inspection report is generated with the appropriate electronic signatures.

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Secure inspection processes

Developed in accordance with pharmaceutical standards such as GMP and CFR 21 part 11, EyeC software meets current data integrity requirements and significantly increases the security of your data and processes. The "Independent Workflow Review", specially developed for pharmacists, offers a second review that can be completed at a different time and even location, through a secure database connection. During the entire review process, all user actions are stored in a protected, unchangeable format as an audit trail. Individual customizable filters make it easy to check the data. Audit results are digitally documented as proof of quality and traceability.

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Conformity with applicable guidelines for quality-conscious companies

As a long-standing partner to the pharmaceutical and printing industries, we at EyeC understand the challenges of our internationally operating customers and support them in compliance and regulatory standards. With our solutions, we offer compliant testing methods for superior quality control of packaging material that stands up to audits. The software we have developed fulfills all the requirements stipulated in GMP, ISO 9001, GAMP 5 or CFR 21 part 11. With our validation package, we provide you with concrete assistance in validating the EyeC inspection solutions in your process according to the applicable requirements. 

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You want to learn more about EyeC and the products, then download our Pharma Brochure.

Pharma Brochure

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