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Print inspection for pre-press companies and studios

Your Challenges

Pre-press departments and studios play a critical role in translating a client’s expectations into a printed product. They ensure the entire job accuracy. Any undetected errors at this stage will turn automatically into an expensive waste of consumables and valuable machine time, and lead to delays in printing and client’s dissatisfaction.

While proofing is necessary, manual proofing is not the best solution. Complex, tedious and time-consuming, it still bears a too high risk of errors, and does not properly answer to the need for competitiveness.

What We Can Offer You

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic helps check print files easily and quickly. This pre-press inspection system digitally compares two versions of a file, typically the print-ready file or the step-and-repeat file against the customer proof, and makes sure that no errors or unintentional changes have been made at pre-press.

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic allows to detect errors before creating plates and makes sure that you do not produce a perfect print job of the wrong artwork! By securing your pre-press process, you improve your print quality and save a precious time and money

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