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We build trust not excuses

Our main goal is to be your support-partner during the whole lifecycle of your EyeC product. Beginning with the guidance to embed your EyeC system seamless in your production or quality control environment, we take care of the correct preconditions.During the installation process, which will performed from our certified engineers, we figure out with you, the most efficient setup to fulfil your rightly high expectations on an EyeC inspection system.
A comprehensive training to your system operators will finalise all installations. In addition, we make sure that your system is always up to date. Regardless, if you like to benefit from an even more advanced software release, or need help with software or hardware related questions.

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EyeC社のシステムを最大限に活用してください。 当社のアプリケーションおよびサービスエンジニアは、検査システムを生産プロセスに統合するだけでなく、完全な製品のライフサイクルを通じて、導入からサポートおよび維持することも支援します。


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