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Finishing Inspection for everyone

Ensuring that your packaging has been printed correctly, has no errors in text or graphics, and conforms to your original signed-off artwork is vital for both regulatory compliance and image. To help you perform this task safely and efficiently, EyeC has developed a complete range of print sample or off-line inspection systems. Whether you need to verify folding cartons, labels, leaflets, flexible packaging, wet sheets, multiple-pages samples, or cylindrical packaging, EyeC has the solution that suits your needs.

Used at the print shop or at an incoming material verification, those print comparators help the operator check print samples easily and quickly. They help save time, improve quality, and prevent costly reprints or product recalls. Adaptable to your quality requirements, suitable to the different printing processes and able to check samples coming from different presses, EyeC off-line inspection systems offer a cost-effective solution to meet high-quality requirements.

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How does it work?

Using the software for artwork inspection is so simple that it can be carried out without any previous knowledge. You compare the released version of the drawing with the print-ready files and thus make sure that there are no unintentional changes. The first step on the way to the finished print product is to use our EyeCProofiler Content for artwork verification. The next step is to check the pre-press work using EyeC Proofiler Graphic software. For the following steps of offline and inline inspection, we also offer the EyeC Proofiler and EyeC Proofrunner software, which lead to the finished and deliverable print product. 

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What are the advantages of artwork inspection?

Artwork inspection leads to improved process reliability because, unlike the human eye, the software detects all errors. This saves time and money and provides you with the highest level of quality control. You need fewer revision cycles because all changes can be checked in one process and errors are found earlier.

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Artwork and pre-press inspection by EyeC

EyeC's easy-to-use systems can check 1D and 2D codes, such as barcodes and pharma codes, texts, graphics and even braille. Artwork and pre-press inspection offers designers, buyers and producers of packaging materials an efficient and reliable inspection solution. This means that you get all software systems from a single source, from design to the printing process. With EyeC Proofiler Content you can ensure that your artwork meets the highest quality standards.

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