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What is a Printing Sample?

Self-adhesive labels are used in a host of different industries and applications. Some are very simple and low cost, others may be very intricate and have a higher intrinsic value. Whatever your requirements, EyeC has the solution to ensure the design, production and delivery of high quality, error-free labels.

Our systems are suitable for inspecting labels from any industry including pharmaceutical, medical devices, food, beverages, beauty, toiletries and other branded goods. They help pharmaceutical companies, brand owners, label manufacturers and design agencies avoid mix-ups or recalls, save time and waste, as well as reducing the cost of quality.

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Full Resolution at Full Speed

Even at full speed, EyeC is the only company on the market to guarantee the highest resolution.
No pseudo defects and no re-testing of rejected products. We only eject truly defective objects.

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Scale Performance

The printing sample is carried out based on the relevant data. One big advantage lies in the fact that a printing plate is not needed as an intermediate carrier as opposed to using the combination of hard proof and off-set printing. 

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Turnkey Systems

You get a completely set up system with all desired components delivered. We make sure that everything works and are there if not.
No third party suppliers, but always the direct contact with EyeC.

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Info Box

To learn more about EyeC and our products, contact our sales team via sales(at)

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Not found what you are looking for? Take a look at our product applications.

If you have not yet found what you are looking for, please take a look at our other products. There we offer you a solution for all possible product types.

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