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Easily check the quality of 1D and 2D codes – such as barcodes, Data Matrix codes and QR codes - on your packaging materials using EyeC’s add on software solutions. This option is available for most EyeC products, allowing you to verify code quality at each stage of production.


Barcode Inspection on PDF Files

Prepress departments can benefit from the software option "Code Inspection". Paired with the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, this option reads, displays and compares the content of 1D and 2D codes against the signed-off proof (PDF file). It simultaneously verifies the decodability as well as quality (grade) of each code on all of your PDF files.


Barcode Verification on Printed Samples

At the print shop or in the incoming packaging materials lab, the software option "Code Reading" can be added to EyeC's off-line inspection systems. This option reads and displays the content of your code on your printed samples and checks it against the signed-off proof (PDF file). An additional option called "Code Grading" verifies the decodability as well as quality of each code. As a result, with ONE system, in ONE single inspection, you perform a complete test.


Barcode Reading for the whole Print Run

At the print shop, the EyeC ProofRunner can be paired with the option "Code Reading" to read and display the content of your codes on all the printed items during printing or finishing. The in-line inspection system reads both static and variable codes, and warns you if a code is not readable. For variable codes, it can also identify duplicates or perform the inspection according to a given logic (for example, ongoing codes). The content of the inspected variable codes is saved and can be used for further processes.

Control and monitor your 1D and 2D codes easily with EyeC inspection systems!

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