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Folding cartons play a key role in promoting and enhancing brands, as well as ensuring consumer well-being. Whether they are for pharmaceutical, food, beauty, tobacco or other branded goods, EyeC has the solution to ensure the design, production and delivery of high quality, error-free folding cartons.

Our systems help pharmaceutical companies, brand owners, folding carton manufacturers and design agencies avoid mix-ups or recalls, save time and waste, as well as reduce the cost of quality. From the first artwork to single printed folding box going through step-and-repeat files and full press sheets, EyeC inspection systems inspect cartons with ease, and provide total control over the quality.

The EyeC Proofiler Content ensures quality during artwork design and revisions. The EyeC Proofiler Graphic inspects changes made at pre-press. The EyeC Proofiler simplifies the press make-ready, and allows the ability to carry out random QC checks at the print shop or at the incoming material verification. The EyeC ProofRunner monitors the whole production run on the press, on a folder-gluer or on a dedicated conveyor.

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