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Folding Cartons

Folding cartons play a key role in promoting and enhancing brands, as well as ensuring consumer well-being. Whether they are for pharmaceutical, food, beauty, tobacco or other branded goods, Ey


Self-adhesive labels are used in a host of different industries and applications. Some are very simple and low cost, others may be very intricate and have a higher intrinsic value. Whatever your req

Leaflets, Inserts & PILs

Crucial for the correct use of a medicine or product, patient information leaflets or inserts printed in tiny fonts on both sides of very lightweight stock material represent the single most difficu

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging material are used in a host of different industries, including food and beverage products. Whatever your requirements are, EyeC has the solution to ensure the design, product

Tubes, Aerosols & Cans

Convenient for consumers, cylindrical packaging are used in a host of different industries and applications. Their round shape and often complex decoration make them however very challenging to insp

1D & 2D Codes Verification

Easily check the quality of 1D and 2D codes – such as barcodes, Data Matrix codes and QR codes - on your packaging materials using EyeC’s add on software solutions. This option is available for

Braille Inspection

Whether you are designing, producing or using pharmaceutical packaging you will need, at some point, to check that the Braille has correct content, layout, and placement in accordance with stan


We build trust not excuses Our main goal is to be your support-partner during the whole lifecycle and usage of your EyeC products. Beginning with the guidance to embed your EyeC system seamless in y

Privacy Policy

Dear ProofText User, We are pleased that you are using ProofText from EyeC GmbH . We take the protection of your private sphere in the use of the EyeC GmbH very seriously. For this reason, w

Terms of use (EyeC ProofText)

General Terms and Conditions of Use of EyeC ProofText of EyeC GmbH Area of Application EyeC GmbH, Amsinckstraße 71 b, 20097 Hamburg, Germany, offers under the brand “EyeC”, among other thin

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