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EyeC inspection systems are designed for quality-conscious companies involved in the production of packaging and print material. They check and ensure the accuracy and quality of packaging materials along the whole print cycle, answering to the needs of the different people involved in the process.

Whether you are a brand owner, an advertising agency, a pre-press company or a print shop, EyeC inspection systems help you save time, reduce scrap, improve quality, and enhance your reputation.

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Artwork errors are one of the largest causes of product recall. To help companies secure artwork files, EyeC has developed a complete range of artwork and pre-press inspection software, sometimes also called proofreading software or artwork comparators.


Artwork Inspection

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EyeC artwork and pre-press inspection systems allow the user to proof the content of the artwork file at each of the production stages easily and quickly. They ensure file quality, reduce the risks of errors, simplify and speed up approval processes. As a result, our customers maintain a high reputation, avoid reprints, lower their costs, and reduce time to market.


Pre Press Inspection

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Self-adhesive labels are used in a host of different industries and applications. Some are very simple and low cost, others may be very intricate and have a higher intrinsic value. Whatever your requirements, EyeC has the solution to ensure the design, production and delivery of high quality, error-free labels.

Our systems are suitable for inspecting labels from any industry including pharmaceutical, medical devices, food, beverages, beauty, toiletries and other branded goods. They help pharmaceutical companies, brand owners, label manufacturers and design agencies avoid mix-ups or recalls, save time and waste, as well as reducing the cost of quality.


Press Sample Inspection

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For more and more applications, such as pharmaceutical or high-quality packaging materials, clients required zero defect deliveries. To help print shops perform an efficient 100% quality control and deliver defect-free material, EyeC has developed a complete range of in-line inspection systems. Whether you produce folding cartons, labels, leaflets or flexible packaging, EyeC has the solution that suits your needs.

Those 100% print inspection systems monitor the entire print job, check it against the customer proof, and alert the operator in case of random or process print problems.

  • Installed on printing presses, those 100% print comparators prevent job mix-up, identify defects in real time, allow the operator to implement corrective actions immediately, reduce material waste, and avoid costly reprints.
  • Installed on finishing machines, they ensure defect-free deliveries, prevent costly reclamations or product recalls, and contribute to customers satisfaction.


100% Inspection

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Ensuring that your packaging has been printed correctly, has no errors in text or graphics, and conforms to your original signed-off artwork is vital for both regulatory compliance and image. To help you perform this task safely and efficiently, EyeC has developed a complete range of print sample or off-line inspection systems. Whether you need to verify folding cartons, labels, leaflets, flexible packaging, wet sheets, multiple-pages samples, or cylindrical packaging, EyeC has the solution that suits your needs.

Used at the print shop or at an incoming material verification, those print comparators help the operator check print samples easily and quickly. They help save time, improve quality, and prevent costly reprints or product recalls. Adaptable to your quality requirements, suitable to the different printing processes and able to check samples coming from different presses, EyeC off-line inspection systems offer a cost-effective solution to meet high-quality requirements.


Finishing Inspection

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For inspecting artwork, the entire printing process, including design and approval, can be accelerated by a professional artwork and pre-press check. Using EyeC's software, you check the final artwork during the design phase to ensure that it is error-free. When you design, review, or approve artwork, you use our programs to check the PDF files. They are suitable for inspecting folding cartons, labels or package inserts and detect all kinds of deviations.


Incoming Sample Inspection

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