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EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed

Improve your print quality while reducing production time and costs.

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed is a retrofit module designed for 100% print inspection of sheets during printing. Available for numerous sheetfed offset presses (such as the ones from Koenig & Bauer, Manroland Sheetfed and Heidelberg), this in-line system monitors the quality of the entire print job, checks it against the customer proof, and alerts the operator in case of defects.

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed offers print shops a cost-effective and flexible solution to improve their print quality and reduce their production costs.

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Avoid Costly Customer Reclamations and Gain New Business

Defects in a packaging may put a patient’s or user‘s life in jeopardy. As a consequence, any quality problems expose packaging producers to costly reprints or reclamations.

With the EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed, print shops can be sure to fulfill their clients’ expectations and keep them satisfied. It also provides them a key sales argument to differentiate from the competition, and win new business.

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Reduce Material Waste and Production Costs

Productivity is the key to facing the increasing competition and improving the bottom line. The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed reduces costs associated with quality.

By catching defects in real-time, the system allows the operator to correct the problem before too many waste materials have been printed. By counting the number of good items produced, it also eliminates the need for overruns. As a result, the EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed prevents the waste of expensive consumables and valuable machine time and reduces production time.

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Verify Your Samples' Complete Content 100%

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed uses high speed line scan cameras and a high-performance computer system to continuously verify the printed quality. Thanks to its easy job set-up, high inspection speed, and accurate defect detection, it offers best-in-class performances. Even if operated at maximum press speed, the system detects the smallest defects. As a result, jobs are processed and proofed without slowing down production.

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed identifies with high precision all typical defects, such as errors in text, color deviations, misregisters, press contamination, hickies, and filled-in or missing characters. By performing an initial check against the approved artwork PDF, provides reliable content verification in any language and prevents job mix-ups. By monitoring 100% of printed sheets, it asserts quality and consistency throughout the entire job.

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Increase Operator’s Satisfaction

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed obviates the need for manual or offline quality control. It increases process safety, simplifies quality checks, and enhances operator satisfaction. Designed with ease of use in mind, its intuitive interface - available in all major languages - allows any operator to perform a meaningful in-line inspection easily.

Thanks to its intelligent technology, the EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed only alerts the operator in case of significant deviations. Thereby, the inspection system reduces potential eye strain and fatigue. The clear presentation of deviations and key statistical information helps the operator to understand the location and origin of printing defects easily. The full inspection report that is produced at the end of each job automatically, offers managers a perfect tracking, analysis, and communication support.

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Info Box

Do you want to learn more about EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed? Simply download the brochure.

Download Brochure (König & Bauer)

Download Brochure (Manroland)

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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