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Fast and Accurate Braille Inspection with EyeC

As a designer, manufacturer, or user of pharmaceutical packaging, you want to guarantee that the Braille on your packaging material has the correct content, layout, and placement according to current standards such as Marburg Medium Braille or ISO 17351. Equipped with the Braille inspection option, EyeC inspection systems quickly and accurately check the Braille on your packaging materials and ensure that you comply with pharmaceutical industry guidelines!

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Fast and Accurate Braille Inspection

Since EU Directive 2004/27/EC, the packaging of approved medicinal products must contain the name as well as the effect and the dosage in Braille on the packaging. This was succeeded in 2010 by the standard DIN EN 15823 "Braille on pharmaceutical packaging", a requirement that applies to the entire EU. In combination with the international standard ISO 17351 "Braille on packaging for medicinal products", DIN EN ISO 17351:2014 was created in 2014 and is still valid today.

We offer our Braille testing for both pressed and embossed Braille. The system tests Braille on the front of the packaging material, where tactility must be ensured.

In the pre-press stage, the option uses a PDF file as a reference. Braille can be set according to the ECMA standard for Braille embossing on folding boxes on a separate page, on a separate layer or as a special color.

The system verifies the Braille content against the customer-approved template in all languages. For easier comprehension, the Braille is displayed in decoded form.

In addition to Braille, the EyeC system checks for all text errors as well as other print defects – all in a single inspection cycle. This saves you even more time and money.

At the end of the check, you receive an automatically generated inspection report that helps you track your inspection results at any time, ensure your quality, and guarantee compliance with Braille standards in the regulated pharmaceutical environment.

With the Braille Graphic proofing option, EyeC Proofiler Graphic and EyeC Proofiler Content check your PDF files for:

  • Correct content in any language (translation of Braille characters and comparison against the approved customer template).
  • Correct placement of the Braille grid
  • Compliance with Braille dot spacing guidelines such as Marburg Medium, Marburg Large, Standard American, and Jumbo American.
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Overview of EyeC's Various Braille Inspection Software Solutions

With EyeC's software solutions, we guarantee comprehensive Braille verification in both pre-press and offline inspection.

Artwork and pre-press inspection

With the EyeC Proofiler Content, you check Braille for all possible content changes. Similarly, with the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, you inspect all files and compare them with the approved artwork. In addition to Braille, all other aspects such as texts, graphics or 1D and 2D codes are proofed in an inspection run. With the EyeC Workflow Integration, you transfer the results into your respective workflow system.

Offline inspection systems

With the EyeC Proofiler, you check Braille on folding cartons in only one step. This way, the Braille embossing is checked for accuracy, and missing or incorrect Braille dots are identified. The correct placement and conformity with the required standards are verified. Other inspection aspects include decoding and embossing quality.

The EyeC Proofiler 900 - 1700 DT can be adapted precisely to your needs: for example, it can be expanded at any time to include the option of Braille checking. It is used during press setup and for spot checks in outgoing and incoming goods inspection.

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You want to know more about Braille Inspection with EyeC? Simply download the brochure.

Proofiler Brochure

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What are EyeC's Braille Inspection Systems suitable for?

EyeC's Braille Inspection Systems are specially designed for fast and reliable inspection of Braille files. For such documents, it is particularly important for both manufacturers and end users that the design on packaging materials, leaflets, etc. has the correct layout. In addition, the placement of the font should comply with current standards such as ISO 17351 or Marburg Medium Braille.

Why should Braille inspection systems be used in prepress inspection?

The information on package inserts or the packaging itself is extremely sensitive, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, but also for cosmetics or foodstuffs, for example. Incorrect printing can not only lead to misunderstanding or confusion among users but can also have legal consequences for companies. It is therefore important to integrate comprehensive and versatile systems such as EyeC's Braille Inspection System into your prepress workflow.

How can complaints be avoided with EyeC's Braille Inspection Systems?

Faulty prints often lead to costly rework. EyeC's Braille Inspection Systems enable one or, if required, several precise and efficient checks of pre-print files during the pre-press stage, thus minimising the risk of defects in the final products. The more reliable and frequent these checks are integrated, the fewer complaints you will have to deal with.

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