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What is Artwork Inspection?

For inspecting artwork, the entire printing process, including design and approval, can be accelerated by a professional artwork and pre-press check. Using EyeC's software, you check the final artwork during the design phase to ensure that it is error-free. When you design, review, or approve the artwork, you use our programs to check the PDF files. They are suitable for inspecting folding cartons, labels, or package inserts and detect all kinds of deviations.

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Inspect Everything in One Pass

EyeC eliminates the need for multi-stage verification.
Barcode, Braille, artwork, etc. can be reliably checked in a single pass.

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We Got The Size You Need

From labels, to folding cartons to leaflets and print sheets.
We have the right sized scanner for you.

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Turnkey Systems

You get a completely set up system with all desired components delivered. We make sure that everything works and are there if not.
No third party suppliers, but always the direct contact with EyeC.

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Info Box

You want to learn more about EyeC and our products, then download the EyeC Corporate Brochure.

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What is the incoming sample inspection in the printing process?

Incoming sample inspection can refer to various aspects of the entire printing process. For example, the quality and quantity of the cardboard and paper, the printing plates, the printing templates, or the inks are inspected. As a rule, this is a random sample inspection. The artwork is checked individually with special software like the EyeC Proofiler. The aim is quality assurance in the ongoing process.

How is the artwork inspected in the incoming sample inspection?

The so-called artwork inspection ensures the quality of the artwork. All elements such as texts, graphics, logos or 1D and 2D codes are checked for their conformity with the approved artwork file. In connection with pharmaceutical products requiring labelling, aspects such as Braille, seals, notices, and pictograms also play an important role.

For which printed products is the incoming sample inspection relevant?

Incoming sample inspection plays a role in all printing processes and products. These quality assurance measures are particularly important in the area of packaging for pharmaceutical products:

  • labels
  • folding boxes
  • package inserts
  • adhesive labels

The consequences of misprints can be costly recalls or even damage to health.

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