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Prepress Inspection for High Printing Quality

Artwork errors are one of the largest causes of product recall. To help companies secure artwork files, EyeC has developed a complete range of artwork and prepress inspection software, sometimes also called proofreading software or artwork comparators.

EyeC artwork and prepress inspection systems allow the user to proof the content of the artwork file at each of the production stages easily and quickly. They ensure file quality, reduce the risks of errors, simplify and speed up approval processes. As a result, our customers maintain a high reputation, avoid reprints, lower their costs, and reduce time to market.

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Inspect Everything in One Pass

With Eyec there is no need for a multistep inspection.
Barcode, Braille, Artwork etc. can be reliably inspected in one single pass.

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Our Prepress Solutions

EyeC offers a variety of different software solutions for checking files quickly and easily. The EyeC Proofiler Graphic is suited for print files: It digitally compares two versions of a file to ensure that no unintentional changes and errors have been made at the prepress stage. The two files that are being compared are either the print-ready or the step-and-repeat-file with the customer proof file. This way, all errors are detected before creating plates and printing the wrong artwork. It makes your whole printing process a lot more secure andsaves time and money.

With this software, two versions of a file are compared as well. Changes to the artwork files can be monitored and commented easily. Thus, the entire artwork is verified in one single inspection cycle. It also proofreads Braille, 1D and 2D codes which is important for the pharmaceutical sector. It verifies text, graphics and layout in one step, including hidden text.

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Workflow Integration for Increased Efficiency

With the EyeC Workflow Integration our prepress inspection technology can be incorporated into workflow systems for greater security and efficiency. The EyeC Proofiler Graphic is introduced into the prepress workflow to achieve an automated quality control procedure. It is used during the initial prepress work and thus prevents that any unintentional modifications have been added. With the full automation workflow, all files are checked automatically to see if they match the artwork. Prior to this workflow integration, data inspection was completed manually which was very time-consuming and prone to error.

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Info Box

To learn more about EyeC and our products, contact our sales team via sales(at)

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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What is prepress?

Prepress refers to the prepress stage. This is where the artwork is created. Prepress inspection prevents errors in the artwork. By comparing it with the artwork file, deviations are identified and can be corrected before printing.

What does prepress inspection check?

Prepress inspection checks the artwork for any defects. Aspects such as

  • text elements,
  • Braille,
  • the brand logo or
  • markings such as pictograms or seals

should be error-free. High quality requirements are placed on the packaging of pharmaceutical products in particular. Incorrect information here can lead to damage to health.

What are the advantages of automated prepress inspection?

The inspection of various elements of the artwork file such as Braille, barcodes or text elements takes place in one step. Errors are already identified before the printing plates are made and defective prints are printed. Prepress products like the EyeC ProofText or EyeC Proofiler Graphic save time and money.

What quality assurance solutions are there besides prepress inspection?

Checking the artwork file in the prepress phase ensures the quality of the print products efficiently and sustainably: reprints are avoided, approval processes are accelerated, and production times are shortened overall. The use of inspection software is also helpful in further steps of the printing process. It compares inspection documents in offline and inline inspections with the released artwork document so that the benefits of prepress inspection can also be enjoyed in other production phases.

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