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EyeC Driver

The EyeC Driver application incorporates our best-inclass prepress inspection solution into HYBRID Software's CLOUDFLOW and helps you boost both security and efficiency at prepress.

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Enhance your CLOUDFLOW

With the application EyeC Driver you can integrate our best-inclass prepress inspection solution — the EyeC Proofiler Graphic — into HYBRID Software’s CLOUDFLOW. Check your prepress files automatically — directly from your workflow system — for simplified and enhanced quality control procedures.

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Integrated Quality Control

The EyeC Driver boosts both security and efficiency. The module allows you to standardize your processes and create as many inspection procedures as needed. The software can compare your files against the ones of your customers, one-up against step-and-repeat files or different versions of a file. The integration triggers inspection procedures automatically, retrieving job data, files and inspection parameters from your workflow system. You follow consistent control procedures without manual intervention.

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Automated Prepress Inspection

With the EyeC Driver, you reduce the time spent on quality controls. Your prepress files are inspected and released automatically if they match the approved artwork. Prepress operators only have to intervene when deviations are detected. A task appears in their workspace that opens the EyeC Proofiler Graphic for an easy review of discrepancies.

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Accurate and Complete PDF-Check

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic verifies the entire content of your pre-press files against the approved artwork. Text, graphics, Braille, 1D and 2D codes are checked graphically in a single inspection cycle. Inspection results are reported back to the workflow system and deviations brought to the operator's attention. Problems are caught right away before any work is wasted on subsequent steps.

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You want to know more about our product? Then simply download the brochure.

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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What is the EyeC Driver?

The EyeC Driver is an inspection system that allows you to automatically check the quality of your prepress files. It can be easily integrated into the cloud flow of your hybrid software to ensure a smooth process. This not only simplifies the entire process, but also improves the quality of your print results.

What tasks does the EyeC Driver fulfil within the hybrid cloudflow integration?

The EyeC Driver performs several tasks during the prepress process. It not only compares different file versions with each other, but also standardises your processes to suit your workflow. This means that the number of checks you require is integrated into your existing workflow and triggered automatically without the need for manual intervention. The implementation therefore increases both security and efficiency in printing.

When should the EyeC Driver be used?

Extensive and diverse print jobs from your customers in particular make the EyeC Driver an indispensable tool for your business. The sheer volume and variety of files makes manual checking a challenge – increasing the risk of errors and costly reprints. With the inspection program for hybrid cloudflow integration checker, you can significantly simplify and optimise these quality controls.

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