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Verify the entire artwork content in a single inspection cycle

The EyeC Proofiler Content is the only proofreading software on the market that verifies 100% of the artwork content in a single inspection cycle, including Braille, 1D and 2D codes. The combined verification of text, graphics and layout enables the system to detect differences that other systems will probably miss (such as hidden text), and converts it in the most accurate software available.

A simple change in a sentence can impact the entire layout of an artwork file. Contrary to solutions that only perform visual comparison and will in such a case display numerous deviations, the EyeC Proofiler Content is able to analyze complex differences in text and pinpoint only their origin. In that way, the user focuses only on relevant changes.

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Avoid artwork-related product recalls

The human eye is not 100% reliable. Even the best proofreaders can miss important errors or omissions. For packaging materials or key documents, those errors can be costly in terms of time, money and image for your company.

By detecting changes automatically, the EyeC Proofiler Content simplifies proofreaders’ task and increases proofreading process security. Errors are detected immediately and no longer cause costly reworks, reprints or product recalls. The company message is delivered properly and the brand reputation is maintained.

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Reduce time to market

The changing and competitive environment forces companies to re-invent their packaging and marketing material constantly. By reducing proofreading times drastically, the EyeC Proofiler Content helps them keep up with the market requirements efficiently.

In just a few minutes, this proofreading software performs a complete content check. Its great accuracy enables an early detection and correction of errors, preventing them to spread along the design and printing process. As a result, the number of correction cycles and the proofreading times are reduced. Novelties can be introduced earlier on the market.

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