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EyeC Audit Trail Viewer

The EyeC Audit Trail Viewer, available for EyeC Proofiler and EyeC Proofiler Graphic from version 3.4, is a tool for reviewing your audit trails and identifying critical events. Anomalies are quickly detected, and valuable time is saved during process control. Furthermore, audits are easily prepared.

EyeC Audit Trail Viewer
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Flexible Data Management

The Audit Trail Viewer allows flexible loading and visualization of existing trailing data, such as CSV files, event logs, or data from external sources such as backup copies or data from different computers.

Clear Visualization

In accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11), the Audit Trail Viewer provides all relevant information in a human-readable format.

The main view contains a complete list of all events, while at the same time, the detailed view displays detailed information about the selected event.

Customized Filters and Queries

Filter your data with our Audit Trail Viewer and focus on critical events during the audit. The software includes several filtering options that allow you to refine your search by date, user, and event type, among others. In addition, you can use alternative or combined search terms to identify specific events. Search queries can be saved, copied, and customized directly in the system. This allows you to perform consistent audit reviews and save time on setup.

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Comprehensive Reports

The Audit Trail Viewer allows you to generate a report from the reviewed results at any time. This makes the Audit Trail Viewer a perfect tool for documenting your processes and preparing audit evidence for the auditor. The audit trail reports contain the following information:

- User

- Event

- Changed data

- Timestamp

- System/Device

- Reasons for change


Each user in the system is assigned a user ID so that all changes can be clearly attributed. An event is defined as any deviation from the defined parameters. The time stamps are set automatically by the audit system. The reasons for the changes, on the other hand, are documented by the users themselves.

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How Does the Audit Trail Work?

An audit comprises the examination of all processes, activities, and results regarding the degree of compliance with the defined requirements.

As an essential tool for quality assurance, an audit trail is thus indispensable for a smooth process workflow. All changes and records are reliably documented. This gives you an overview of all actual and attempted actions by all individuals over a given period. This means that this important information is always available for the next process levels.

How Is the Audit Trail Used?

Audits and audit trails are of central importance in many sectors such as industry and trade as well as the pharmaceutical or automotive industry. The detailed intervention logs protect against manipulation and ensure the highest quality standards. This way, you gain transparent insight into the entire supply chain.

Audit Trail Advantages at a Glance

In the event of damage, the Audit Trail Viewer allows you to fully uncover and trace all persons and their activities. This also makes it easier to recover systems and data. You have thus protected against data loss thanks to the automatic backup function. All data storage is also GDPR-compliant thanks to seamless end-to-end encryption.

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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