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Inspection Systems for High-Quality, Error-Free Labels

Self-adhesive labels are used in many ways in a variety of industries. Some are quite simple and inexpensive; others are very complicated and costly. EyeC's solutions guarantee high quality and accuracy in the design, production, and delivery of your labels.

Inspection Systems for High-Quality, Error-Free Labels
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The Fields of Application for the Label Inspection Systems

Our systems are designed to check labels from any application area, including pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, cosmetics, and hygiene products. They help pharmaceutical companies, brand owners, label manufacturers and design agencies avoid varietal sub-mixes and reclamations, save time and materials and reduce overall quality costs.

Particularly in the pharmaceutical and food industries, labels must be of consistently high quality, as quality problems result in additional costs due to complaints, recalls, and reprints. With EyeC's software solutions, you can optimize your quality inspection processes and thus reduce production and material costs.

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Overview of the Different Software Solutions from EyeC

From the first draft to the finished label, EyeC's inspection systems provide comprehensive quality control of your labels: During artwork creation and clearance with the EyeC Proofiler Content, in pre-press with the EyeC Proofiler Graphic, during print approval and incoming goods inspection with the EyeC Proofiler, and during the production process in the press or in post-press with the EyeC ProofRunner Label.

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Artwork and Pre-Press Inspection

During artwork creation, EyeC Proofiler Content is used to inspect text, layout and label barcodes. The inspection is performed in PDF files, which speeds up the approval process.

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic ensures that you detect errors in your print files before the printing plates are made, thus avoiding reprints and label recalls. Validation is carried out in a convenient PDF format and can be applied to all processes. It can also be integrated into a wide range of systems using EyeC Workflow Integration. A PDF matching thus detects a range of different errors, such as incorrect text formats as well as incorrect color combinations and damaged printing forms.

Offline Inspection

The offline inspection with the EyeC Proofiler takes place in the print shop or at the arrival of incoming goods. The sample or printout from the press is compared with the previously approved sample, thus ensuring error-free printing.

Inline Inspection Systems

Inline inspection systems for labels are installed in the printing process directly on the press or on finishing machines such as rewinders or slitters. They replace the classic visual inspection. This way, they inspect labels not only during printing but also in the finishing process, for extra safety. The highest quality of your products can be always guaranteed.

The EyeC Quality Link software performs the inspection on the printing press. The labels are checked at full press speed and any errors in the print image are immediately displayed and corrected in real-time. All correct and usable labels are also counted by the system so that the correct quantity is printed for the customer’s order. EyeC Quality Link eliminates the need for a double inspection: Previously, both presses and slitters had to be equipped with separate inspection systems.

Thanks to EyeC, you, therefore, speed up your workflow and save time and money. The use of state-of-the-art camera technology guarantees the best results. The 8k-color-line-scan-camera makes machine speeds of up to 400 m/min at 450 mm inspection width possible. This ensures color monitoring over the entire sheet. The inspection system detects both individual defects such as ink splashes and repeat defects. In addition, material-related defects such as material inclusions in the label material are also reliably detected.

The EyeC ProofRunner Web is used to check roll goods during label printing. For fast and efficient work, the print image inspection also takes place directly on the printing press or the rewinder.

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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