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Inspection Systems for High Quality, Error-Free Cylindrical Objects

Cylindrical packaging can be found in many different industries and applications due to its practical design. However, its round shape and complexity turn its inspection into a challenge. EyeC's inspection systems guarantee high quality and error-free design, production, and delivery of the packaging, whether for cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, food, or other industrial products. Among the packages to be inspected are tubes, cans, and sprays.

Inspection Systems for High Quality, Error-Free Cylindrical Objects
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The Fields of Application of the Inspection Systems for Cylindrical Objects

Our systems are designed for the quality control of cylindrical packaging such as aerosol cans, food, and beverage cans, tins for hygiene products, circular boxes, or containers for whiskey bottles. Brand owners, pharmaceutical companies, design agencies, and manufacturers rely on our inspection systems to avoid mix-ups and recall. The time and material savings effectively reduce quality costs at the same time.

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Overview of the Different Software Solutions from EyeC

EyeC's wide variety of software solutions ensures professional tubes, cans, and spray inspection. With the EyeC Proofiler Content, you control the quality of the artwork creation and release it. For the pre-press stage, you use the EyeC Proofiler Graphic. In the offline inspection process in the print shop or during the incoming goods control, the finished tubes, cans, and sprays are examined.

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Artwork and Pre-Press Inspection

The production of tubes, cans, and sprays starts with the artwork creation and pre-press inspection. At this stage, EyeC products already perform an efficient quality check to avoid later revision loops and to speed up the entire approval process.

With the EyeC Proofiler Content, you can test all labels on tubes, cans, and sprays. This includes text, barcodes, Braille, and the entire layout. You only need one proofing process for each product.

In the next step, the pre-press stage, you use EyeC Proofiler Graphic. The system ensures that all errors are detected and corrected in time before the printing plates are produced. Both software solutions, the Proofiler Content as well as the Proofiler Graphic, use a PDF-based inspection, which ensures a particularly simple and problem-free comparison.

If you want to incorporate the pre-press software into your production process, the EyeC Workflow Integration is the ideal solution. This way you improve the entire operational procedures.

Offline Inspection Systems

Our offline inspection software also plays an important role in the quality control of tubes, cans, and sprays. It quickly and effectively compares the printed copy or a random sample from incoming goods with the approved print templates for your cylindrical objects. For this task, high-resolution scanners are used.

You check every tube, each can, and every spray with the help of the EyeC Proofiler in the shortest possible time, speeding up the entire process considerably. This is how all kinds of defects are detected. These include scratches, color deviations, or missing and blurred letters.

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