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Fast & Easy to use

EyeC ProofRunner Web is a high-resolution and extremely fast and user-friendly web in-line inspection system for reel to reel and reel to sheet solutions. Installed on a printing press, EyeC ProofRunner Web monitors 100% of the print run.

Whether standard or highly finished packaging, EyeC ProofRunner Web is always the best choice for your production. Our product range covers all your needs and can easily be adapted to your needs.

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EyeC ProofRunner Classic
ProofRunner Classic

The EyeC ProofRunner Web is specifically designed for 100% inspection of labels, leaflets and flexible packaging. The system identifies all defects and alerts the operator in case of relevant deviations from the approved PDF template. So the ProofRunner Web ensures to meet your customers‘ high quality requirements.

Our Passion for your Productivity
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ProofRunner HighLight (UHD)

The EyeC ProofRunner Web HighLight has been specially developed for 100% inspection of high-finish labels in the premium segment. With its unique HighLight illumination, the inspection system checks the quality of labels with complex finishes such as hot stamping, holograms or blind embossing.

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Compare EyeC RoofRunner Narrow Web Models

ClassicDownload FlyerHighLightDownload FlyerHighLight UHDDownload Flyer
100% Inspection for Pharmaceutical, Food & Healthcare Industry
High Resolution 8k Camera
Quick & Easy Setup
Easy and Economical
Full Power at Maximum Speed
Quality Link
All Eyes on Luxury
Flexibility through Modularity
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