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EyeC Quality Link

The EyeC Quality Link connects your press and rewinder for total quality control at maximum productivity. Thanks to the EyeC Quality Link, reduce waste by monitoring your print quality on the press, improve safety by evaluating the quality of each printed roll on a work station, and speed up the removal of faulty material on the rewinder.

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Improve Your Quality AND Productivity

Thanks to EyeC Quality Link, monitor your quality where it benefits you most — on the press — and use the inspection results to speed up the removal of faulty material on the rewinder. As a result, you can enjoy total quality control without having to equip both your press and rewinder with full inspection systems. Not only do you prevent waste, cut production costs, and meet customer requirements, but, best of all, you also improve your productivity.

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Prevent Waste and Cut Costs

Installed on your press, EyeC ProofRunner monitors 100% of the print run in real time. The system identifies any defective item and alerts you so that you can fix the problem immediately. As a result, you can run at full machine speed without risk, and no longer produce unnecessary waste and overruns.

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Efficiently Evaluate Inspection Results

The EyeC Quality Manager software enables you to use the data from the press to evaluate the quality of each printed roll and avoid unnecessary stops at the rewinder. Thanks to its intuitive interface, you can review deviations easily and accept minor defects in one click. Now independent from the finishing line, this evaluation can be performed by experts such as the ones from your QC department.

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Quickly Remove Faulty Material

The EyeC Finishing Manager software uses the released data to automatically stop your rewinder when the operator needs to remove faulty materials. The reduction of the number of stops enables the operator to run faster and work more efficiently. You are certain to keep customers satisfied by delivering a flawless job!

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You want to learn more about EyeC Quality Link? Simply download the brochure.

Quality Link Brochure

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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What is Quality Link?

The EyeC Quality Link allows you to control quality while maximising productivity, directly on the press. You can easily check the results and the slitter can quickly remove any faulty material.

Why is Quality Link useful?

An EyeC Quality Link not only guarantees comprehensive quality control at full production speed. You also no longer need to equip the printing press and the slitter individually with extensive inspection systems. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary waste. Hence, this reduces your production costs and increases your productivity.

When is a Quality Link suitable?

If your print shop repeatedly has a high number of rejects, you are struggling with increased production costs, or your productivity is falling due to deviations and small defects, the Quality Link is the right tool for you. You can optimise your quality and productivity and meet the demands of your customers, as the system detects all defects and notifies you. You can make the corrections immediately. This allows you to utilise the machine speed without risk, while avoiding rejects and overproduction.

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