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What is Artwork Inspection?

For inspecting artwork, the entire printing process, including design and approval, can be accelerated by a professional artwork and pre-press check. Using EyeC’s software, you check the final artwork during the design phase to ensure that it is error-free. When you design, review, or approve artwork, you use our programs to check the PDF files. They are suitable for inspecting folding cartons, labels or package inserts and detect all kinds of deviations.

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How does it work?

Using the software for artwork inspection is so simple that it can be carried out without any previous knowledge. You compare the released version of the drawing with the print-ready files and thus make sure that there are no unintentional changes. The first step is to check the pre-press work using EyeC Proofiler Graphic software. For the following steps of offline and inline inspection, we also offer the EyeC Proofiler and EyeC ProofRunner software, which lead to the finished and deliverable print product.

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What are the Advantages of Artwork Inspection?

Artwork inspection leads to improved process reliability because, unlike the human eye, the software detects all errors. This saves time and money and provides you with the highest level of quality control. You need fewer revision cycles because all changes can be checked in one process and errors are found earlier.

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Artwork and Pre-press Inspection with EyeC

EyeC’s easy-to-use systems can check 1D and 2D codes, such as barcodes and pharma codes, texts, graphics and even braille. Artwork and Pre-Press Inspection offers designers, buyers and producers of packaging materials an efficient and reliable inspection solution. This means that you get all software systems from a single source, from design to the printing process. With EyeC Proofiler Graphic you can ensure that your artwork meets the highest quality standards.

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Why is artwork inspection useful?

Artwork inspection takes place as quality assurance already in the pre-press stage. It identifies errors before printing and thus avoids misprints and recalls. In the production of labels, packaging or package inserts for pharmaceutical products, legal guidelines such as the labelling obligation play a central role: artwork inspection ensures that pictograms, Braille, or text elements are reproduced without defects in order to avoid damage to health.

What does an artwork inspection check?

Artwork inspection checks documents from the printing process by comparing them with the artwork file. It ensures that pieces of text, images, logos, and labelling elements are reproduced in the intended place and do not overlap.

What are the costs of artwork inspection?

Artwork inspection can be carried out either in the form of a manual visual inspection or with proofreading software. The manual visual inspection is usually carried out by an employee in the design and prepress agency or in the printing company. This means that personnel costs are incurred. The inspection software has a one-off purchase cost. It reliably helps to avoid misprints and to save time and money.

What automatic solutions are there for artwork inspection?

A proven software for artwork inspection is the EyeC Proofiler. It compares the artwork file with the print file or print samples. This automated process reduces inspection time and increases efficiency.

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