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Revision Control

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EyeC Proofiler Graphic

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic is a comprehensive artwork inspection system that helps secure the quality of artwork files. This artwork comparator allows the user to check the entire design process: from the first inspection of the manuscript and the control of intermediate versions to the approval of the final print PDF.

The software digitally compares two versions of a file which, for the standard version of the software, will typically be PDF files. With our more advanced software version, the EyeC Proofiler Content Plus, the files could also be PDF files or a manuscript. The user can then monitor and comment on changes made to the artwork files easily and quickly.

To the Proofiler Graphic

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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What is an artwork revision control?

The term "revision" describes a test to determine if something has been carried out correctly, without errors and in accordance with the regulations. So, an artwork revision control is the process of checking print files before they go to print.

When should an artwork revision control be performed?

Quality control can take place at certain points during the production phase of a print file in order to prevent costly revision loops, save time, and reduce costs. The final print file should therefore definitely be subjected to a revision control to ensure that it is error-free and correct. After all, if you only notice a spelling mistake, a shifted graphic, or incorrect information when you look at the printed product, the print file will have to be changed again. Reprinting costs time and budget. This can be avoided with a good revision control like the EyeC Proofiler Graphic.

Why is a revision control so important for print files?

A print file that is released without being checked carries several risks: incorrect text, badly positioned images and graphics, incorrect information. In the worst-case, customers suffer, and legal action is taken against the manufacturer. In order to avoid these risks, it is worth carrying out a revision control in the prepress stage so that you can create print files to the highest standard and hold an impeccable print product in your hands.

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