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Color Measurement: Quickly and Easily Check Colors and Their ΔE Tolerances with EyeC Inspection Systems

Whether in manufacturing, incoming inspection, or as early as the artwork design and pre-press process, EyeC's inspection solutions make it easy to ensure that the colors used on your packaging materials are within the specified ΔE tolerances. With EyeC's inspection systems, you can easily and quickly check your colors and their ΔE tolerances. Contact us to learn more about our inspection systems!

Color Measurement: Quickly and Easily Check Colors and Their ΔE Tolerances with EyeC Inspection Systems
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Color Inspection on Print Samples and for PDF Files

∆E indicates the difference between a test print and the printed result. While an ∆E of 1 can hardly be seen with the naked eye, an ∆E of 5 is clearly visible. Thanks to EyeC, you do not need any external measuring devices to carry out the color measurement of your printed products: various software solutions such as the EyeC Proofiler take over this part.

Reference color values can be stored in the form of color books in your personal color library and can then be used recurrently, automatically, and process-safe for color measurements in the various EyeC software solutions.

Managing Digital Color Guides and Custom Color References with the EyeC Color Book Editor

The EyeC Color Book Editor is a stand-alone program for managing your customized digital color library. You create as many color books as you like with a free number of reference colors either individually or you import common color books as CxF files. You then use these digital color books in EyeC Proofiler and EyeC Proofiler Graphic for color measurement. You can create and edit the individual colors with just a few clicks in the user-friendly Color Book Editor. For each color, you save exact CIE-Lab values and ΔE tolerance values.

With the EyeC Color Book Editor you can use different color systems as well as individual color presets at the same time. In addition, the predefined colors prevent incorrect entries during the inspection in the EyeC Proofiler, which significantly increases the reliability of the inspection.

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Overview of the Different Software Solutions for Color Proofing from EyeC

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Artwork and Pre-Press Inspection

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic supports you in the automatic management of layers and color separations. It also performs color spacing measurements and automatically selects the content to be proofed.

With the EyeC Proofiler Content, you detect added or removed text (passages?) and find changes in fonts and text properties. In addition, this software can also detect differences in font size and color.

Offline Inspection Systems

Color measurements for the EyeC Proofilerevaluate colors in CIE-Lab and indicate the ΔE color difference compared to reference color values. Any number of color patches can be measured at any position in the sample. It is irrelevant whether the measurement is made on a PDF (PDF-to-PDF comparison) or on a scanned, physical sample (PDF-to-scan or scan-to-scan comparison). This enables both relative process control and absolute color measurement in CIE-Lab. Here, the accuracy depends on the scanner used.

To ensure effortless and fast data entry, the most suitable colors from the color book used are automatically suggested to the user. A different color book can be selected for each color field. It is also possible to enter CIE-Lab reference color values manually.

Input errors are reliably avoided by selecting the predefined reference color values. Thus, the color measurement function together with the digital color library provides the certainty that the correct values of the CIE-Lab reference color and its ΔE tolerance are always used.

Part of the color measurement with color book functionality is the EyeC Color Book Editor.

The EyeC Proofiler detects all relevant defects, such as missing or misprinted letters as well as spots, color deviations, or missing ink. When checking folding cartons, all possible PDF input formats are inspected, with layers or spot colors. Color measurement is also carried out with EyeC's EyeC Proofiler for packaging in the consumer and luxury goods sector. Furthermore, with the EyeC Proofiler 900 - 1700 DT color bar measurements can be carried out reliably.

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