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Inspection Systems for High-Quality, Defect-Free Folding Cartons

Folding cartons are crucial for promoting and strengthening the brand image as well as for consumer satisfaction. Whether in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, or tobacco industries, EyeC's inspection systems guarantee high quality and accuracy in the design, production, and delivery of folding cartons.

Inspection Systems for High-Quality, Defect-Free Folding Cartons
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The Areas of Application for Folding Cartons Inspection Systems

Our in-line inspection systems for folding cartons ensure that high-quality packaging materials are delivered error-free. They offer print shops one hundred percent efficient quality control for folding cartons. Other products such as flexible packaging, labels or package inserts are also checked with our inspection solutions.

Our systems help pharmaceutical companies, design agencies, and branded goods and folding carton manufacturers avoid job mixes and complaints, save time and materials, and reduce quality costs at the same time. From the initial artwork to the printed folding carton, EyeC's inspection systems guarantee seamless and comprehensive quality control.

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Overview of the Different Software Solutions

For an error-free folding carton, various software solutions from EyeC are used. In artwork and pre-press proofing, EyeC Proofiler Content, EyeC Proofiler Graphic, and our workflow integration are used.

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Artwork and Pre-Press Inspection

EyeC Proofiler Content ensures quality during artwork creation and clearance. This way, you check the final artwork of the folding cartons already during the design phase and benefit from an inspection system that is clearly superior to the human eye. In addition to text and layout, barcodes are also checked for accuracy in accordance with ISO. Braille is also decoded and proofed. Thanks to EyeC Proofiler Content, PDF files are inspected in their entirety in just one verification process. This speeds up the approval process considerably.


EyeC Proofiler Graphic is then used to check the changes made in the pre-press stage. This is done in the print-ready PDF files: In a single inspection run, all text, graphics, Braille, and 1D and 2D codes are reviewed.

With EyeC Workflow Integration, you integrate various solutions into your workflow system for smooth and fast processes.

Offline Inspection

EyeC Proofiler simplifies print approval and enables quality control in the print shop or incoming goods inspection at any time. Here, the printout from the press or the sample from incoming goods is compared with the approved master. This ensures that your customer receives an accurate and error-free print.

Inline Inspection

In addition, the EyeC ProofRunner monitors the entire production on the press, folder gluer or as a stand-alone inspection and sorting machine as part of the inline inspection.

With the EyeC ProofRunner Carton Folder Gluer, you get the most modern print image inspection for your existing folder gluer. Here, the entire folding carton surface is inspected. There is no need to slow down the printing speed for defect detection, so you get fast and accurate results with the highest quality.

The EyeC ProofRunner Carton Sorteris installed in a reject unit and can therefore monitor the production of several machines simultaneously.

The EyeC ProofRunner Sheetfed is a retrofit model for your sheetfed press: here, too, the entire print job is checked.

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Ashley Madden

EyeC America

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